maraki is maria vidal agulló

He was born in 1976 in Barcelona and there he began to make the first scribbles and illustrated stories for his goddaughter. After a few years trying to fit into the faculties of fine arts and philosophy, he was finishing her studies in Greece when he rediscovered the desire to illustrate everything that was put before him, something he has been doing for almost twenty years.

In Cardedeu she met people and characters that had been accompanying her all this time: the Follet Verdet, who asked her to explain his stories in a serie of short stories, Nora i el jazz and the musicians of La Botzina who she has been accompanying live in schools and theaters, and a creature from Mars who tried to open his mind by Illustrating gender.

She combines work with the raising of two children, something that, apart from inspiring her, has helped her develop spectacular techniques for organizing and managing resources.

Draws with pencil, pen and ink; colors with gouache and watercolor; and combines, retouch and finish the illustrations with digital techniques, and has just discovered serigraphy.

He likes to work with people with whom he can go for a coffee, try put himself inside their skin and look to make visible the idea that the other person is looking for his project.

After years of pedaling with the collective “A Cardedeu en bici i a peu”, he has discovered in cardboard panniers a way to upload illustrations to the bicycle and make travel them.

Look to network with other projects in the social and solidarity economy because it does not have enough to try to draw better worlds, but seeks to make them more real every day.